Thursday, December 2, 2010


hello people of the world i know i have not been blogging a lot.reason why i work a part time job in retail that is
which those who work in  retail or have worked in retail know how hard it is especially when the holiday season rolls around ...but anyway im bout to twist this topic around and talk about keeping a day job or any job of that matter due to the economy and do your comics on the days u don't work or whatever your schedule is night or day.some people ask me all the time how do you do it ?how do i  manage to get books done while i work a crazy shift? my answer is i have a strong passion for my talent i never threw in the towel in gave up due to no big companies wasn't calling me i love what i do and that's telling stories in drawing them. i think the biggest mistake that aspiring artist that want to get in the business is they have a huge ego in thinking they are going to start to the top in getting a job at marvel cause so n so said they are amazing and they quiet there day job thinking its gonna happen sorry  don't work that way.the best way is keeping a day or night or whatever odd job you are doing. reason way i say this is your gonna need art supplies etc or even a colorist o and your gonna need it to get the books printed and for con show's i know this sounds like a lot to due with less money and trust me i know that sometimes retail jobs give you crappy hours hey im the one that will say i get some bogus hours  but what i do to make ends meet i head to cut back on kicking it with the fellas and even head to cut back from taking my girl out on dates thank GOD she understands my goal and dreams that's hard to find a woman that understands what you trying to do so I'm very thankful for that.but ima keep it real for those who are unemployed look i no times are really ruff but if you have a talent in different things use it fam(family) or if a job is giving to you to paint a house or use your car to help people take there grocery's home do it -do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling to keep you above water in this hard economic times. another big mistake artist make they complain how they life is unfair  instead of doing something to change it they complain  and once some one gives you a job lets say to draw a five page story remind you-you was down on your last no money coming in you shot broke but suddenly some one gives you a chance and offer to pay you 10 per page or 15 etc to draw and you so used to having a great income you complain about  the job to me that's being ungrateful  its hard out here for everyone but when a job comes your way its not the time to complain.dam i know i talk to much people but its better to be truthful then sugar coating u on juggling a job and drawing my comics: what i do is map out my schedule lets say i gotta work 10-6pm soon as i take care of bills etc i head straight home and hit the drawing table put in a nice 5 hours now if i know i gotta long work day i would lay out 5 or 10 pages come back and fell those pages and so on.  i here a lot of aspiring artist say i dont have the time but here you are saying you wanna draw for the big 2 or 3 etc do you think they wanna deal with you?HELL NO!this is a business a very hard business a very stressful business but if you enjoy it and do it right it can be very rewarding ..i created GUYTRON back in 2009 was very nervous i was saying to my self man people are going to bash the hell out of me or this is not going to sell but i also head faith in GOD and its a successful indy book i get tons of email on how they like the character etc and thats the best felling ever to know people dig what i created due to me being passionate and juggling a job to keep it rolling. so if you have job dont matter if its small or big something is something to keep you working hard to achieve your goals to have your books out there..take care be safe and GOD BLESS.. TIL NEXT TIME FAMMO'S!