Wednesday, December 19, 2012


skatchcards like these will be for sale at upcoming cons i will attend  in 2013-RAY


Good Wednesday morning/hump day/happy holidays everyone. sigh so today im still grinding
hard on the Agent Solo webcomic...currently re tweaking pages of the last issue which is issue 4...which is great to have a art directer/editor like my good buddy over the years Michael McClain to be eyes of catching my flaws and mistakes...but luckily he didn't find a lot just a few  re correcting   panels but over all he said im doing one hell of a good job...which is very rare from him -hes a hard guy to get a yes from LOL. anyway i just want to thank all who posted the Agent Solo promo ad i recently posted this past week HUGE THANK YOU...this 2012 i dedicated this entire year making this webcomic along with sacrifices...what i mean by that is my summer was cut short i didn't go kicking it with the homeboys,i didn't go clubbing,i didn't  waste time caring for problems that head nothing to do with me. i stayed indoors on that drawing table focus on getting this project done and thank God my woman was understanding and my biggest supporter but yeah i really was focus on putting out the best dam webcomic that i hope all well enjoy.i take creating comics seriously its a fun job but its also a hard job if you want the right type of progress what you aiming for today it's back to work making these pages work for all of you to enjoy...HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL-RAY    

Monday, December 17, 2012


good morning everyone...i hope all of you head a awesome weekend...but on a serious matter its was tragedy  this past week as america witness the evil that shocked the nation.. the 20 children six and seven adults killed in one of the nations mass shootings in america history in Newton,Conn elementary  school ...i dont have kids but i do have little nieces and nephews that i luv dear to my heart and to here this happen just really hit my heart hard....we are losing kids/are future to this senseless violence and are kids are not safe in school which is another hard issue with working parents trying to keep a roof over there hands but now gotta worry about there kids being safe in schools is ridiculous. If the Holmes guy the media keeps on the news would have been locked up in mental ward along time ago that shooting won't have gone down. This newest one that young man nut job should have been taken away from Mommy that had firearms in house with a mentally unstable son. The Oregon shooter he should have been locked away in prison some where before he went on stealing a weapon and ignoring laws. He was juts flat a criminal.  A twenty two year old man with a conceal carry permit stopped the Clackamas shooter. The main stream media has completely ignored it.I would rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone!Concealed carry laws have reduced murder and crime rates in the states that have enacted them. According to a comprehensive study which reviewed crime statistics in every county in the United States from 1977 to 1992, states which passed concealed carry laws reduced their rate of murder by 8.5%, rape by 5%, aggravated assault by 7% and robbery by 3%.The government can enact all the gun control it wants, but it won't help. Focus on security measures that work, not knee-jerk idiocy that will result in more victims i want to wish all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a MERRY CHRISTMAS safe and love your kids to the fullest and keep them protected at all times cause people the devil is out here in full force please keep GOD  in your heart and spread luv instead of hate-RAYMOND LEONARD

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


hello everyone...sorry i haven't been blogging lately....been a very busy month ,due to it's the holiday season.
and you know when it's holiday season time, your day gets as i was shopping for family and  the love of my life i also been extremely busy working on the Agent Solo webcomic. when i mean extremely busy im talking not coming out the dam house busy...i finish the entire 4 issue web series pencil wise or should i say in the webcomic slang word BUFFER i did it...its going through the process of inking,coloring and lettering which i want to thank the team that's doing a awesome job for there awesome service without them this project would have never got going.2012 is almost over it was a great year for me i dedicated this entire year in finishing a webcomic series that i put my all in to and you will see it in the webcomic series...i head fun but it wasn't easy it was long sleepless nights with starbucks coffee to keep me going on the drawing table/wearing all the hats in making this a finish project that i hope you the readers out there will support this webcomic those of you who already fallow my career feel free to share and spread the word
about  Agent Solo share the promo pinups i post of him or your facebook and twitter accounts  ,talk about it the more the better this awesome independent  webcomic will make noise. im currently getting the webcomic site in production will post in 2013 the launch date...have a awesome and safe Tuesday as you do your holiday shopping in the crazy mayhem crowds  ...AGENT SOLO COMING OUT 2013!!!
Promo art by Jovenal Mendoza

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012


COVER TO GUYTRON ISSUE 3 OF 3 FIRST ENCOUNTER DRESSED ...i will have a couple of copy's on me signed along with a FREE sketch...GUYTRON 3 0F 3 $5.00.. for all 3 issues $10.00..paypal payments only... email ....those who are interested... Pencils and Inks ME ...Colors Photo Fusions....AVAILABLE OCTOBER ON INDYPLANET.COM

Sunday, September 23, 2012


 i totally forgot to post this on my blog...a Lobo sketchcard i did on Friday...i will color this one
 when i have time.. just inks right now...enjoy-RAY


HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE...i hope each and every one of you are having a awesome Sunday with family  and friends along with a awesome dinner.

so today on sundays for me it's NFL football. and it's week 3...and as i watch my games i  love to sketch
out concepts and designs of new villains and new characters  as i'm screaming at the t.v. like im losing my dam mind haha you know what i mean if your favorite team is playing horrible you just lose it LOL.

I'm a die hard cheese head...yes i'm a Green Bay Packer fan since 1985...and yes i was disowned by my family members here in Chicago which it's a Bears Town  haha so just imagine how i get treated at family functions .

but as i'm watching football on a sunday i make sure im working on my projects at the same time
because the more you put the time and effort into your work the more you will have to show to editors,comic con, small independent company's and it's showing that you are serious about your work. 
it makes you feel dam good that you are doing new material  and you are building so much work that you can use when its time to use them so if you have free time and you are a aspiring artist just dont waste your time use it and work on your craft...have a bless and great sunday-RAY

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apocalypse Sketchcard

this morning  i always do a warmup before i start working on my pages...lately i have been doing sketch cards i ...reason i started cause of my  former mentor/friend  /editor of M-Studiocomics Michael McClain
showed me his sketch card booklet and i was just freaking blown here i am doing sketch cards LOL enjoy-RAY


hello everybody...haven't been on my blog lately,be super super busy penciling my wed-comic Agent Solo,penciling a new Guytron series , did a few email interviews and also
even did a lot of is Thursday geez the days are going fast as hell  haha that's what happens when you are  busy like me creating comics full time...ok I've getting a lot
of email from aspiring creators/artist who want to create self publish comics ,which is awesome you want to jump in this crazy world of comics but first you really need to ask yourself
are you willing to do this as a serious career?is your work up there to compete with the big company's books?do you have a strong fan base?invest money?passion to do the work?

if you are a writer my best bet is to find a artist hell due to social media lke facebook,twitter etc its so easy to find a artist ,colorist,all you have to do is ask by posting on your wall.
now i'm going to keep it real when hiring a artist,colorist,inker its really good to pay if you dont have load of cash be honest with them see can you work a deal out.
the artist or colorist might want hmmm lets say 40 bucks a page.... just be up front honest let he or she know can you do it for 20 a page etc ....on top of that build a relationship with them
that go's a long way also it's letting them know you are a understandable person ...because being a ass to the person/team helping you on your comic will do nothing but kill
the relationship along with posting your name all over the internet saying "dont work with such and such because he's a ass hole" get what im saying?

now another  problem i'm still witnessing is the old "WILL SPLIT PROPHETS IF BOOK GETS PICK BY A PUBLISHER/IF BOOK SALE'S" sorry not going to happen!
reason why because no one knows who YOU are and it's your first time getting out there with your new creator owned comic,at your first comic con...and
to be honest it's not going to sell...if it do sell you are going to only sell probably 4 books that's it that's if you lucky to sell 4 books...i see it all the time at
comic cons...wizard world Chicago,c2e2 etc new aspiring publishers who didnt have no clue how hard it was going to be selling creator owned comics at these best advise is post pages of your book on facebook,twitter...  get all those freinds who added you interested in your comic,talk about your comic,the
more you post you will get feed back ...rathere its good feed back or bad feed you are getting results.

now for sending your comic to big publishers....,let's face it folks  sending submission to editors are DEAD!
it's about 1.have you been publish by a independent publisher 2. do you have any creator owned books to show 3. do you have a webcomic 4. do you
have a if the work is good that editor will contact you...only way now is to either go to a comic con where they have portfolio reviews...
 but again even thou you show your work at con's doent mean you are going to get hired right then and there me on this all they going to do is say you
 need to work on this and that...but if you just do the work get some creator books rolling, im talkng some good dam creator books they wil see it.

and... please... please....if your work is not up to part in what the big publishers are publishing dont go bashing other artist that they hire who do
work for them...they have a job you dont and it just makes you look bad and a ass hole and nobody wants to work with a asshole.

have a nice productive/creative have fun creating your creator owned comics-RAY

Friday, August 31, 2012


hears a pinup cover i did for a cover contest by a independent comic company called HOUND COMICS this is there character 'THE PROTECTOR" PENCILS -ME COLORS -ERNEST JOCSON i have no idea did i win or not but i head fun drawing him.

Thursday, August 30, 2012







you see im a busy guy i do comics full time as a creator...not only im i working on AGENT SOLO the webcomic i bounce around back and fourth on GUYTRON as well note it's a crazy because i also write both issues  talk about hard work Pencils me inks Ernest enjoy



so i decided to go with a new AGENT SOLO LOGO because it stands out better and pleasing to the eye to notice-RAY


been a while since i post anything new on my blogg ,been extremely busy working on AGENT SOLO ssue 4 on top of that the new GUYTRON series as well and interviews so yes i have been one busy guy ...hears the cover to agent solo issue 4 color by photo fusions... pencils me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


been a while since i posted anything lately been working on agent solo issue i figured hell i gotta post something for  you  to see LOL .. this is the pencil page which is on it's way to my colorist -RAY Photobucket

Monday, June 4, 2012


hello good morning world.hope every body in the world today is getting ready to have a productive day today may it be a 9-5 or creating comics like me. today i want to talk about aspiring mistakes independent comic publishers make.... while getting into this business of making comics.the must biggest mistake i see is trying to jump the ball to quick in becoming this huge publishing company like Marvel or Dc ...what i mean by that is toys,games etc but know one know's who you are on top of that the qulity of the books are bad but yet they invest all that money in making merchandise that i'm quiet sure doesn't sale.i think to my self all that money wasted should have gone on investing in a good artist,inker,colorist etc but like always they pay for these expensive booths at comic con shows not seeing  the profits to make up for the expense of the booth due to poor quilty of the can't scream out "are books are better then marvel's books" but it looks like a 6 year old drew it.i feel that you should establish the brand of  your comic company with a characters that fans will dig might not happen over night but if you keep the quilty of the book great things will happen but flooding your company like its the next big thing happening with all this merchandise you fooling yourself ...the main focus and priority should be making the best dam indie comic that can run up against the big company's...have a great productive monday-RAY    

Sunday, June 3, 2012


good morning world....haven't been blogging lately due to being extremely busy  working on my creator owned projects...currently working on Agent Solo which i decided to make a webcomic...i know you might be saying its going to be a webcomic?!yes its going to be a webcomic.reason why... i have been getting a very high demand by people that do not live in the united states not only that few don't have comic stores...and what better way in getting people across the entire freaking world reading Agent Solo for free  from there homes or iphones etc...some might be thinking but prints are better and you want make any money etc me on the other hand all that will come right now i want to focus on getting this webcomic a true fanbase ...establish  a creator owned book that those who support it know its not a amture indie comic with poor quilty putting it out there for all to see rather the comments are bad or good or i fail simple as that...i know its going to take a few years to get readers to the site but you know what im ok with that, lease i know its going to be awesome i have a finish product and will update as keep checking back as i post sketches and pages  of Agent Solo  and once its ready to hit the web ill post it here...have a bless sunday-RAY

Thursday, January 5, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR ...everybody...i know... i know... i haven't been blogging lately due to im busy working on my new creator owned comic Agent Solo currently working on issue i look forward to the new year of 2012 im happy to be doing these projects of creator owned comics but im also focus on still practicing to better my craft there's always room for better improvement as i continue to create the more i teach/learn from the flaws i still have to work on ....i think that majority of aspiring artist problem is they have a huge ego attitude about there work to the point they cant take criticism and that's the wrong attitude to have trying to break in the business of comics  another mistake i notice is majority of artist/aspiring writers only think about getting rich which is a big mistake...only if they know when you break in you still gotta keep hustling to get work.but anyway i hope those who want to break into comics learn the in and out side about the business in 2012 instead of thinking there book is just going to fly high into Hollywood etc cause the industry is changing due to the takeover of the internet/digital era and know body really dont know whats at as i keep drawing... im practicing,learning more about the business,made friends with ex marvel employes as they take out there time showing me the do's and dont's... more like a coach and im happy and grateful for that... and i also do figure drawing which i always hated doing when i attended art school but i want to add all this to my work...... my goal for this new year... 2012 is to keep creating,learning and have fun doing it... and grow into a better ask yourself,WHAT ARE YOU DOING in this new year?-RAY