Monday, June 4, 2012


hello good morning world.hope every body in the world today is getting ready to have a productive day today may it be a 9-5 or creating comics like me. today i want to talk about aspiring mistakes independent comic publishers make.... while getting into this business of making comics.the must biggest mistake i see is trying to jump the ball to quick in becoming this huge publishing company like Marvel or Dc ...what i mean by that is toys,games etc but know one know's who you are on top of that the qulity of the books are bad but yet they invest all that money in making merchandise that i'm quiet sure doesn't sale.i think to my self all that money wasted should have gone on investing in a good artist,inker,colorist etc but like always they pay for these expensive booths at comic con shows not seeing  the profits to make up for the expense of the booth due to poor quilty of the can't scream out "are books are better then marvel's books" but it looks like a 6 year old drew it.i feel that you should establish the brand of  your comic company with a characters that fans will dig might not happen over night but if you keep the quilty of the book great things will happen but flooding your company like its the next big thing happening with all this merchandise you fooling yourself ...the main focus and priority should be making the best dam indie comic that can run up against the big company's...have a great productive monday-RAY    

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