Thursday, January 5, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR ...everybody...i know... i know... i haven't been blogging lately due to im busy working on my new creator owned comic Agent Solo currently working on issue i look forward to the new year of 2012 im happy to be doing these projects of creator owned comics but im also focus on still practicing to better my craft there's always room for better improvement as i continue to create the more i teach/learn from the flaws i still have to work on ....i think that majority of aspiring artist problem is they have a huge ego attitude about there work to the point they cant take criticism and that's the wrong attitude to have trying to break in the business of comics  another mistake i notice is majority of artist/aspiring writers only think about getting rich which is a big mistake...only if they know when you break in you still gotta keep hustling to get work.but anyway i hope those who want to break into comics learn the in and out side about the business in 2012 instead of thinking there book is just going to fly high into Hollywood etc cause the industry is changing due to the takeover of the internet/digital era and know body really dont know whats at as i keep drawing... im practicing,learning more about the business,made friends with ex marvel employes as they take out there time showing me the do's and dont's... more like a coach and im happy and grateful for that... and i also do figure drawing which i always hated doing when i attended art school but i want to add all this to my work...... my goal for this new year... 2012 is to keep creating,learning and have fun doing it... and grow into a better ask yourself,WHAT ARE YOU DOING in this new year?-RAY