Thursday, March 20, 2014


 Good Thursday Morning as promised posting sketch pinups in my sketchbook   that i do before doing sequential pages .i call them Doodle warm ups .i believe the only way to get  better in my craft is to do a sketch per day .it allows me to not only keep sharp on my craft but also allows me to pick up speed in my work in general and i notice im getting quicker in doing sequential enjoy the warm up Doodles i did through out the month's of 2014



Thursday, March 13, 2014


hello everyone.sorry for being away for so long.been very busy since the beginning of this new year.working on new creator owned projects with another new Guytron issue in the works along with commissions,sketchcards on ebay and cover work for small indie publishers.whenever i get free time i'll post sum of the work i did.

good news is the Agent solo webcomic in finally up.i launch  it February 25,2014 which was on a tuesday. so every tuesday a new page will be updated .i know it will take time to build a strong readership
following so far i'm getting a nice buzz but hopefully i want to turn that buzz into a HUGE buzz.
but over all i hope everyone will enjoy it as much as i had fun drawing it.and if you happen to be on the website you are more then welcome to post your comments on there, because i love to talk about every page that you may have questions about .heres the link to the webcomic site and share it with your friends and family thank you and have a bless day