Tuesday, August 5, 2014


hello everyone first i would like to say i'm totally shocked and surprised my blog got 3,360 page views.
i'm glad those who stop by and enjoy the videos and art projects i post up...more new stuff is coming.

so it's tuesday ...i know i have been dark on my blog. the reason was i was extremely busy creating new comic projects on top of that i got a second job...yes that' right a second job in retail ..which i swore i would never go back to doing since being in the retail work force 20 years.hears reason number2-while creating this load of new projects along with having this vision what i needed to make it all come true.

majority of people ask me "how in the hell do you mange to get any work did when juggling two jobs?"
the answer is "PURE DEDICATION" it's the only way i can put it.i'm old fashion... i believe if you really want something you work hard to get it and putting yourself in the right position.i'm still climbing that ladder to success one step at a time going with the flow of it all.nothing beats filling good in able to pay the services
to those providing their talented service to make your comics stand with the bigger books on the comic shop shelf along the crowd.i don't believe in making rushed comics with poor production quality...i like to make the best creator owned comics with awesome production quality for those who buy my books get there money's worth.

one more thing i want to give a update on,is my agent solo webcomic. things was going good until the unthinkable happened...the site host providers who  a friend of mines that i had the site under  was told their backups were corrupt so they basically told him he's out of luck which really sucks.but on the bright side he's moving to a new hosting when that's up i will update you on webcomics return.