Monday, October 21, 2013


here are some of the pencil pages of Guytron issue 7...along with the cover and new Guytron

Thursday, October 10, 2013


as a kid growing up... i discovered comics in the 80's due to my uncle had a huge collection
of comics ...i'm talking DC,MARVEL,DARK HORSE,FIRST COMICS etc
it was times i would sneak in his room to read them LOL i know shame on me but
it was addition i could not stop.i discovered alot of big events like Secret Wars,
Crisis on Infinite Earth,Tales of  The Teen Titans Annual the list go's on.
 but what really really caught my eye out of my uncle's collection
was his Avengers collection.which were 1977classic's he kept in plastic comic bags.i feel in love with the Avengers ...i'm talking classic Avengers comics in the 1977 era.this love was Avengers issue 158 written by
Jim Shooter art by Sal when i saw the cover that said"Wonder Man vs Vision" i took the bait
i was hook no doubt about it. Wonder Man versus the Vision was a true battle between brawn and  telekinetic
sentient energy was mind blowing.Vision attacks Wonder Man because of his closeness to the Scarlet Witch. The Avengers travel to an isolated research facility in the Canadian Rockies and are defeated by Graviton. it was like a two battles in one comic deal you got from Marvel

the villain Graviton was created by Jim Shooter and Sal Buscema his first appears was in Avengers #158
this guy wasn't no joke...he gave The Avengers hell.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


i did this pinup using a lil bit of everything . copic markers,prisma colored pencils , dip pen with Indian ink , black sharpie marker and white jell pen... just to clear this up im not a colorist i dont color my panel to panel work nor do i color my pin up prints...this  and sketchcards i do cause its just sketch drawings and pinups ...this will be for sell at Dancon fall show but if some one is interested in buying it just send me a message its did on a cut out of a 11x 17 comic board which its 8x11 now.but over all i really hand fun doing this-Ray


Hello..Ladies and Gents
           today i'm giving you a update what i have been up to these past few weeks.pretty much doing alot of everything involving creating comics to getting ready for DanCon 2013 Fall show.
i would like to point out my Little ebay business with selling sketchcards  is doing blown away and still surprised  the amount of money people would pay for a sketchcard ..not bad for a indie guy making a name for himself. i'll post a few on here .besides that...i also getting ready to launch the Agent Solo webcomic series this shooting for September right now im just going over with the web designer also redrew sum pgs and tweak a few cause i really want to give those who will be reading this free webcomic to get one hell of read with awesome work no slacking.

between that i been working on the next Guytron series ...its coming along great...i do  2 pages every  morning ...besides the Agent Solo webcomic this also will be my best work ever learning as i go with pace of storytelling the panel to panel page designs im doing on this series is also great i learned you only can get better the more you keep at the craft so im seeing improvement looking for this new series to hit next year.

besides working on my stuff i also been getting work from other small indie comic company's. 
did a kickstarter  variant  cover for big thanks to them for the opportunity.i also did a 5 page short story for about anti-bullying OGN called You Are Not Alone which got funded by kickstarter .so this year has been awesome so far for me and im grateful and bless for every opportunity.  

til next time ...have a bless and safe Thursday-RAY

P.S.  im going to post sum of the work i been doing also sum will be for sell at DANCON 2013 FALL SHOW


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


if you haven't been following the stanley cup finals ...Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston miss one hell of a NHL series ever!i stayed glued to my tv during the periods of working on my comics ...just about every game of this series went double ot. the excitement,the thrill,the pressure was intense ...congrats to the Bruins they are a awesome team...but the best team won and thats my chicago Blackhawks ...if you know me im a diehard sports fanatic .im proud of the Blackhawks this team shinned this season going unbeating in regular season's daja vu all over again they won like this year before on june 2010..june 2013 they did the same thing..whats also a inspiration is Bruins almost won game 6 which would have been a game 7 but the Blackhawks didn't give up they scored in 17 seconds won the congrats to the 2013 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


I saw the midnight opener ... First of all, if you've ever watched all of the other Superman shows, including the animated series, and movies they were always a lot of repetitive action and explosions. Aside from the product placement, the whole story of this movie is on point like the comic. There was some comedic relief, but the acting was absolutely decent. Come on, there are legendary actors we're all familiar with, and they did a damn good job in making sure that this movie is truly an accurate story of Superman.The action scene made the film even more great, if you ask me...
It kept me entertain the entire time and seeing how BadAss Superman was...
This movie should deserve AWESOMETACULAR in my opinion.that was the best movie i have seen in 2013 (my opinion) i can expect a hell lot of action in a superman movie, after all he is superman so he should have super action sequences
in my opinion there was not a single drawback in the movie. its a complete entertainer, met all my expectation  great story from birth of clark till his youth , great action sequences and Hans Zimmer rocked with the music, its kind of inspiring as always
i am crazily in love with this movie ...don't by into what critics are saying about this movie...go see it for yourself...have a productive and bless monday-Raymond

Monday, June 10, 2013


good monday morning i want to talk about one of my childhood favorites 
and that childhood favorite is "Ultra-Man" during the 80's era you had G.I.Joe,He-Man,Voltron,Robotech ,Batman tv show the list goes on and if you are a 80's baby you know what i'm talking about.with me i was more into the live superhero tv shows like Specter-Man,Captain Power and my fanatic craze over "Ultra-Man"i loved the concept of this character.the monsters was out of this world INSANE LOL.every episode was so worth watching i didn't miss a episode. Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Leo vs Reflection was mind blowing.but hands down to Ultraman zero the movie revenge of Belial...omg what  a awesome freaking movie...wouldn't you agree?i watch it like 7 times LOL.but yeah im still a huge fan...which inspired to create Guytron ..he's kinda different from Ultraman he doesn't  get big or get his ass kick alot maybe here and there LOL but still have that vibe fighting crazy monsters etc.i wanted to create that love for those that grew up watching ultraman and specter man.just a fun creator owned comic you can read and enjoy and make you feel like a kid all over again.even share it with your kids.yeah you have all your reality comics.even the batman and superman comics are not all that fun anymore everything in comics just seem to have gotten to real now but its different strokes for different folks .so when you buy a issue/issues of my Guytron  comics i guarantee you its going to be a fun great read.have a awesome monday -Ray

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


good tuesday morning yesterday i finally signed up to do DanCon fall 2013 here in chicago..which is september 21,2013.i did this show before in 2011 and it was awesome.Dan and Amy are wonderful people and they really are for creator own comics and the indie creators hats off to them.   haven't did any cons in a long long time so this will be my first time back in the scene with comics and prints will update on here what i will have at the so geek cant wait to talk with new and old freinds and meet new comic fans looking for something awesome which i will have plenty of.i love comic cons ..i love the pepole the cos-play's its a big pop culture for the entire family  and  i  talking to  complete strangers...we all have something in comman and that's's amazing how comics can bring every race togther for the love of
are favorite movies/superhero's and making a person smile from something they brought from me...that really makes my i really hope to see you at this con and chat about comics or buy something cool from all the artist because its something there for posting the promo poster from DanCon along with the info etc ...bring your family,friends...its affordable
  and enjoy the con see you in the fall.have a very productive day-Ray  

Monday, June 3, 2013


good monday morning. i know i haven't really blog lately today i took a break out my insane schedule
to give everyone a update what i have been up to.i have been working non-stop like a madman LOL. Agent Solo webcomic is coming along currently finish issue 4 of 4 ...32pgs ...everytime i say that,it shocks the hell out of me LOL ...32 pgs per issue?is really insane to me...i guess i really got carried away due to i put my heart into this comic.but over all i completed a challenge that i had fear i might could have not pulled it off. but with the grace of GOD  i did not throw in the towel ...i kept myself motivated.the the next step for the webcomic is in the process stage of getting ink,colored and then lettered.hats off to these talented individuals who put in there time to make this webcomic very grateful.Agent Solo the webcomic will be out this fall2013...release date will be announced on currently working on a new Guytron series...which i got so far 10pgs done...pretty much was working on it as i was working on the Agent Solo webcomic.i also have a heroine in the works i created... but im not the artist....and its only going to be a 1 shot ....i have a awesome creative team aboard ...the artist and writer are very geeked about this upcoming today it's doing a 5pg short story for a client ...then back on see what i mean by "A WORKING WORK HORSE" LOL.have a awesome monday everyone...Peace!        

Thursday, March 7, 2013


hello everyone been really busy getting the agent solo webcomic ready etc...heres new pin up i recently did which will be prints -RAY

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


here's a sneak peek of the Agent Solo webcomic pages ...Pencils me inks by Ernest.Jocson

Friday, January 25, 2013


same pinup different background.


as a kid growing up Sliver Surfer and Galactus was my favorite along with the Fantastic Four Universe.
this is really my first time every drawing both iconic Marvel Characters...i did this in pencil gave it to my
colorist and he did a amazing job.he did to different backgrounds also this the 1st one.


Hello everyone here's my Thumbnail to Guytron issue 8...going for a cover to tell the story.also i wanted to give it that dynamic look also.not only dynamic but give it that old school also.. like

when Jack Kirby did the Marvel covers hmmm lets say Thor,X-MEN, Captain America and so on those covers

Monday, January 7, 2013


hello everyone...HAPPY NEW YEARS...hope everyone head a awesome news years with goals to make 2013 a year you make it happen. speaking of 2013 and making goals come true....i have awesome news...Agent Solo the webcomic will launch in MARCH so excited with goose bumps ...i put my all into this webcomic limited series and  i hope you the readers will like it and spread the word about it.

am also thankful for all the feed back and fan mail i have been receiving on Agent Solo ...keep the fan mail coming ...really means a lot...i know readership will take time but im very confident that readers will come and fallow the webcomic cause i have faith in this webcomic. it will keep you hook and coming back for more MARCH 2013 Agent Solo will launch ...please feel free to post the promos to your facebook,twitter,instagram and other social media websites...share it with family and friends tell them to share with there friends ..and yes Agent Solo is a free webcomic  ...i will post the link on here when its up and running.

have a bless and awesome Monday-RAY