Monday, January 7, 2013


hello everyone...HAPPY NEW YEARS...hope everyone head a awesome news years with goals to make 2013 a year you make it happen. speaking of 2013 and making goals come true....i have awesome news...Agent Solo the webcomic will launch in MARCH so excited with goose bumps ...i put my all into this webcomic limited series and  i hope you the readers will like it and spread the word about it.

am also thankful for all the feed back and fan mail i have been receiving on Agent Solo ...keep the fan mail coming ...really means a lot...i know readership will take time but im very confident that readers will come and fallow the webcomic cause i have faith in this webcomic. it will keep you hook and coming back for more MARCH 2013 Agent Solo will launch ...please feel free to post the promos to your facebook,twitter,instagram and other social media websites...share it with family and friends tell them to share with there friends ..and yes Agent Solo is a free webcomic  ...i will post the link on here when its up and running.

have a bless and awesome Monday-RAY

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