Wednesday, December 19, 2012


skatchcards like these will be for sale at upcoming cons i will attend  in 2013-RAY


Good Wednesday morning/hump day/happy holidays everyone. sigh so today im still grinding
hard on the Agent Solo webcomic...currently re tweaking pages of the last issue which is issue 4...which is great to have a art directer/editor like my good buddy over the years Michael McClain to be eyes of catching my flaws and mistakes...but luckily he didn't find a lot just a few  re correcting   panels but over all he said im doing one hell of a good job...which is very rare from him -hes a hard guy to get a yes from LOL. anyway i just want to thank all who posted the Agent Solo promo ad i recently posted this past week HUGE THANK YOU...this 2012 i dedicated this entire year making this webcomic along with sacrifices...what i mean by that is my summer was cut short i didn't go kicking it with the homeboys,i didn't go clubbing,i didn't  waste time caring for problems that head nothing to do with me. i stayed indoors on that drawing table focus on getting this project done and thank God my woman was understanding and my biggest supporter but yeah i really was focus on putting out the best dam webcomic that i hope all well enjoy.i take creating comics seriously its a fun job but its also a hard job if you want the right type of progress what you aiming for today it's back to work making these pages work for all of you to enjoy...HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL-RAY    

Monday, December 17, 2012


good morning everyone...i hope all of you head a awesome weekend...but on a serious matter its was tragedy  this past week as america witness the evil that shocked the nation.. the 20 children six and seven adults killed in one of the nations mass shootings in america history in Newton,Conn elementary  school ...i dont have kids but i do have little nieces and nephews that i luv dear to my heart and to here this happen just really hit my heart hard....we are losing kids/are future to this senseless violence and are kids are not safe in school which is another hard issue with working parents trying to keep a roof over there hands but now gotta worry about there kids being safe in schools is ridiculous. If the Holmes guy the media keeps on the news would have been locked up in mental ward along time ago that shooting won't have gone down. This newest one that young man nut job should have been taken away from Mommy that had firearms in house with a mentally unstable son. The Oregon shooter he should have been locked away in prison some where before he went on stealing a weapon and ignoring laws. He was juts flat a criminal.  A twenty two year old man with a conceal carry permit stopped the Clackamas shooter. The main stream media has completely ignored it.I would rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone!Concealed carry laws have reduced murder and crime rates in the states that have enacted them. According to a comprehensive study which reviewed crime statistics in every county in the United States from 1977 to 1992, states which passed concealed carry laws reduced their rate of murder by 8.5%, rape by 5%, aggravated assault by 7% and robbery by 3%.The government can enact all the gun control it wants, but it won't help. Focus on security measures that work, not knee-jerk idiocy that will result in more victims i want to wish all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a MERRY CHRISTMAS safe and love your kids to the fullest and keep them protected at all times cause people the devil is out here in full force please keep GOD  in your heart and spread luv instead of hate-RAYMOND LEONARD

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


hello everyone...sorry i haven't been blogging lately....been a very busy month ,due to it's the holiday season.
and you know when it's holiday season time, your day gets as i was shopping for family and  the love of my life i also been extremely busy working on the Agent Solo webcomic. when i mean extremely busy im talking not coming out the dam house busy...i finish the entire 4 issue web series pencil wise or should i say in the webcomic slang word BUFFER i did it...its going through the process of inking,coloring and lettering which i want to thank the team that's doing a awesome job for there awesome service without them this project would have never got going.2012 is almost over it was a great year for me i dedicated this entire year in finishing a webcomic series that i put my all in to and you will see it in the webcomic series...i head fun but it wasn't easy it was long sleepless nights with starbucks coffee to keep me going on the drawing table/wearing all the hats in making this a finish project that i hope you the readers out there will support this webcomic those of you who already fallow my career feel free to share and spread the word
about  Agent Solo share the promo pinups i post of him or your facebook and twitter accounts  ,talk about it the more the better this awesome independent  webcomic will make noise. im currently getting the webcomic site in production will post in 2013 the launch date...have a awesome and safe Tuesday as you do your holiday shopping in the crazy mayhem crowds  ...AGENT SOLO COMING OUT 2013!!!
Promo art by Jovenal Mendoza