Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Good Wednesday morning/hump day/happy holidays everyone. sigh so today im still grinding
hard on the Agent Solo webcomic...currently re tweaking pages of the last issue which is issue 4...which is great to have a art directer/editor like my good buddy over the years Michael McClain to be eyes of catching my flaws and mistakes...but luckily he didn't find a lot just a few  re correcting   panels but over all he said im doing one hell of a good job...which is very rare from him -hes a hard guy to get a yes from LOL. anyway i just want to thank all who posted the Agent Solo promo ad i recently posted this past week HUGE THANK YOU...this 2012 i dedicated this entire year making this webcomic along with sacrifices...what i mean by that is my summer was cut short i didn't go kicking it with the homeboys,i didn't go clubbing,i didn't  waste time caring for problems that head nothing to do with me. i stayed indoors on that drawing table focus on getting this project done and thank God my woman was understanding and my biggest supporter but yeah i really was focus on putting out the best dam webcomic that i hope all well enjoy.i take creating comics seriously its a fun job but its also a hard job if you want the right type of progress what you aiming for today it's back to work making these pages work for all of you to enjoy...HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL-RAY    

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