Monday, June 10, 2013


good monday morning i want to talk about one of my childhood favorites 
and that childhood favorite is "Ultra-Man" during the 80's era you had G.I.Joe,He-Man,Voltron,Robotech ,Batman tv show the list goes on and if you are a 80's baby you know what i'm talking about.with me i was more into the live superhero tv shows like Specter-Man,Captain Power and my fanatic craze over "Ultra-Man"i loved the concept of this character.the monsters was out of this world INSANE LOL.every episode was so worth watching i didn't miss a episode. Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Leo vs Reflection was mind blowing.but hands down to Ultraman zero the movie revenge of Belial...omg what  a awesome freaking movie...wouldn't you agree?i watch it like 7 times LOL.but yeah im still a huge fan...which inspired to create Guytron ..he's kinda different from Ultraman he doesn't  get big or get his ass kick alot maybe here and there LOL but still have that vibe fighting crazy monsters etc.i wanted to create that love for those that grew up watching ultraman and specter man.just a fun creator owned comic you can read and enjoy and make you feel like a kid all over again.even share it with your kids.yeah you have all your reality comics.even the batman and superman comics are not all that fun anymore everything in comics just seem to have gotten to real now but its different strokes for different folks .so when you buy a issue/issues of my Guytron  comics i guarantee you its going to be a fun great read.have a awesome monday -Ray

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