Monday, June 3, 2013


good monday morning. i know i haven't really blog lately today i took a break out my insane schedule
to give everyone a update what i have been up to.i have been working non-stop like a madman LOL. Agent Solo webcomic is coming along currently finish issue 4 of 4 ...32pgs ...everytime i say that,it shocks the hell out of me LOL ...32 pgs per issue?is really insane to me...i guess i really got carried away due to i put my heart into this comic.but over all i completed a challenge that i had fear i might could have not pulled it off. but with the grace of GOD  i did not throw in the towel ...i kept myself motivated.the the next step for the webcomic is in the process stage of getting ink,colored and then lettered.hats off to these talented individuals who put in there time to make this webcomic very grateful.Agent Solo the webcomic will be out this fall2013...release date will be announced on currently working on a new Guytron series...which i got so far 10pgs done...pretty much was working on it as i was working on the Agent Solo webcomic.i also have a heroine in the works i created... but im not the artist....and its only going to be a 1 shot ....i have a awesome creative team aboard ...the artist and writer are very geeked about this upcoming today it's doing a 5pg short story for a client ...then back on see what i mean by "A WORKING WORK HORSE" LOL.have a awesome monday everyone...Peace!        

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