Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello..Ladies and Gents
           today i'm giving you a update what i have been up to these past few weeks.pretty much doing alot of everything involving creating comics to getting ready for DanCon 2013 Fall show.
i would like to point out my Little ebay business with selling sketchcards  is doing blown away and still surprised  the amount of money people would pay for a sketchcard ..not bad for a indie guy making a name for himself. i'll post a few on here .besides that...i also getting ready to launch the Agent Solo webcomic series this shooting for September right now im just going over with the web designer also redrew sum pgs and tweak a few cause i really want to give those who will be reading this free webcomic to get one hell of read with awesome work no slacking.

between that i been working on the next Guytron series ...its coming along great...i do  2 pages every  morning ...besides the Agent Solo webcomic this also will be my best work ever learning as i go with pace of storytelling the panel to panel page designs im doing on this series is also great i learned you only can get better the more you keep at the craft so im seeing improvement looking for this new series to hit next year.

besides working on my stuff i also been getting work from other small indie comic company's. 
did a kickstarter  variant  cover for big thanks to them for the opportunity.i also did a 5 page short story for about anti-bullying OGN called You Are Not Alone which got funded by kickstarter .so this year has been awesome so far for me and im grateful and bless for every opportunity.  

til next time ...have a bless and safe Thursday-RAY

P.S.  im going to post sum of the work i been doing also sum will be for sell at DANCON 2013 FALL SHOW


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