Tuesday, June 4, 2013


good tuesday morning everyone.so yesterday i finally signed up to do DanCon fall 2013 here in chicago..which is september 21,2013.i did this show before in 2011 and it was awesome.Dan and Amy are wonderful people and they really are for creator own comics and the indie creators hats off to them.   haven't did any cons in a long long time so this will be my first time back in the scene with comics and prints will update on here what i will have at the show.im so geek cant wait to talk with new and old freinds and meet new comic fans looking for something awesome which i will have plenty of.i love comic cons ..i love the pepole the cos-play's its a big pop culture for the entire family  and  i  talking to  complete strangers...we all have something in comman and that's comics.it's amazing how comics can bring every race togther for the love of
are favorite movies/superhero's and making a person smile from something they brought from me...that really makes my day...so i really hope to see you at this con and chat about comics or buy something cool from all the artist because its something there for everyone...im posting the promo poster from DanCon along with the info etc ...bring your family,friends...its affordable
  and enjoy the con see you in the fall.have a very productive day-Ray  

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