Sunday, June 3, 2012


good morning world....haven't been blogging lately due to being extremely busy  working on my creator owned projects...currently working on Agent Solo which i decided to make a webcomic...i know you might be saying its going to be a webcomic?!yes its going to be a webcomic.reason why... i have been getting a very high demand by people that do not live in the united states not only that few don't have comic stores...and what better way in getting people across the entire freaking world reading Agent Solo for free  from there homes or iphones etc...some might be thinking but prints are better and you want make any money etc me on the other hand all that will come right now i want to focus on getting this webcomic a true fanbase ...establish  a creator owned book that those who support it know its not a amture indie comic with poor quilty putting it out there for all to see rather the comments are bad or good or i fail simple as that...i know its going to take a few years to get readers to the site but you know what im ok with that, lease i know its going to be awesome i have a finish product and will update as keep checking back as i post sketches and pages  of Agent Solo  and once its ready to hit the web ill post it here...have a bless sunday-RAY

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