Thursday, September 20, 2012


hello everybody...haven't been on my blog lately,be super super busy penciling my wed-comic Agent Solo,penciling a new Guytron series , did a few email interviews and also
even did a lot of is Thursday geez the days are going fast as hell  haha that's what happens when you are  busy like me creating comics full time...ok I've getting a lot
of email from aspiring creators/artist who want to create self publish comics ,which is awesome you want to jump in this crazy world of comics but first you really need to ask yourself
are you willing to do this as a serious career?is your work up there to compete with the big company's books?do you have a strong fan base?invest money?passion to do the work?

if you are a writer my best bet is to find a artist hell due to social media lke facebook,twitter etc its so easy to find a artist ,colorist,all you have to do is ask by posting on your wall.
now i'm going to keep it real when hiring a artist,colorist,inker its really good to pay if you dont have load of cash be honest with them see can you work a deal out.
the artist or colorist might want hmmm lets say 40 bucks a page.... just be up front honest let he or she know can you do it for 20 a page etc ....on top of that build a relationship with them
that go's a long way also it's letting them know you are a understandable person ...because being a ass to the person/team helping you on your comic will do nothing but kill
the relationship along with posting your name all over the internet saying "dont work with such and such because he's a ass hole" get what im saying?

now another  problem i'm still witnessing is the old "WILL SPLIT PROPHETS IF BOOK GETS PICK BY A PUBLISHER/IF BOOK SALE'S" sorry not going to happen!
reason why because no one knows who YOU are and it's your first time getting out there with your new creator owned comic,at your first comic con...and
to be honest it's not going to sell...if it do sell you are going to only sell probably 4 books that's it that's if you lucky to sell 4 books...i see it all the time at
comic cons...wizard world Chicago,c2e2 etc new aspiring publishers who didnt have no clue how hard it was going to be selling creator owned comics at these best advise is post pages of your book on facebook,twitter...  get all those freinds who added you interested in your comic,talk about your comic,the
more you post you will get feed back ...rathere its good feed back or bad feed you are getting results.

now for sending your comic to big publishers....,let's face it folks  sending submission to editors are DEAD!
it's about 1.have you been publish by a independent publisher 2. do you have any creator owned books to show 3. do you have a webcomic 4. do you
have a if the work is good that editor will contact you...only way now is to either go to a comic con where they have portfolio reviews...
 but again even thou you show your work at con's doent mean you are going to get hired right then and there me on this all they going to do is say you
 need to work on this and that...but if you just do the work get some creator books rolling, im talkng some good dam creator books they wil see it.

and... please... please....if your work is not up to part in what the big publishers are publishing dont go bashing other artist that they hire who do
work for them...they have a job you dont and it just makes you look bad and a ass hole and nobody wants to work with a asshole.

have a nice productive/creative have fun creating your creator owned comics-RAY

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