Sunday, September 23, 2012


HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE...i hope each and every one of you are having a awesome Sunday with family  and friends along with a awesome dinner.

so today on sundays for me it's NFL football. and it's week 3...and as i watch my games i  love to sketch
out concepts and designs of new villains and new characters  as i'm screaming at the t.v. like im losing my dam mind haha you know what i mean if your favorite team is playing horrible you just lose it LOL.

I'm a die hard cheese head...yes i'm a Green Bay Packer fan since 1985...and yes i was disowned by my family members here in Chicago which it's a Bears Town  haha so just imagine how i get treated at family functions .

but as i'm watching football on a sunday i make sure im working on my projects at the same time
because the more you put the time and effort into your work the more you will have to show to editors,comic con, small independent company's and it's showing that you are serious about your work. 
it makes you feel dam good that you are doing new material  and you are building so much work that you can use when its time to use them so if you have free time and you are a aspiring artist just dont waste your time use it and work on your craft...have a bless and great sunday-RAY

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