Monday, October 5, 2015


hello everyone.been a long time since i've been on my blog.since the beginning  of the new year. i've been super busy...what i mean by busy i was hired by a independent publishing company called "kensi productions" as the pencilier of their character "Black Arrow" issue #4 just finish the last page yesterday...its a 28 color page book .during the upcoming days i'll post sneak peaks of it...please post feed back on it.

ok on to the next i was penciling "Black Arrow"i was penciling my creator owned comic "Agent Solo"it's going to be a 1 shot 36 color page book...that's also going to be a kickstarter with my plan to launch it in 2016.right now it's in production getting inked.the plain is to get the book DONE! i have seen alot of backers get screwed backing projects and not getting anything back in return.i got some awesome cool rewards to go along with this book for backers along with some great big name artist that work in the business helping also.i will post sneak peaks in coming weeks...i'm very excited.

whew ...last paragraph line.i got a few emails regarding Guytron.ok here's what's going on with the cosmic hero...issue #7 is done...few pages was inked and colored.issue #8 just in script it went on the back burner due to penciling Black Arrow and Agent Solo.but since im free going to start doing some thumbnails ...and if you can't find the first 6 issues on indy planet i pulled them plans to do a trade paperback with new pages etc along with a new distribution/printing company.and thank you for the fans who loved the character.

on more thing here's the logo of my company Diverse Comics-Raymond Leonard

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