Thursday, November 18, 2010


over the past years America got hook on the manga train from Dragon Ball Z to Pokemon etc..its
 another peace of the comic  business of  big names from stan lee to marvel to jump on and kids and adults love it. now some my have there opinion about how they dont care to much for manga comics etc..but
hey you have the fans who love the culture and its a booming business thats here to stay.Here at DayDream
we like for the fans who love comics to get the best of both worlds from syfy,superhero and manga..cause everyone got a different taste on what they like and thats what me and my younger brother Ryan talk about
being indie publishers give fans there  money's worth- great read and great artwork and something for everyone to enjoy!Now if you are a fan of manga comics welcome brother Ryan Leonard creator owned book series Battle Blood is a book i think fans are going to enjoy especially if you love in your face fight action like DBZ or Street Fighter its got that! to order the first three copies you can get'em at


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