Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello fanboy's and fangirls welcome to my blog! first let me introduce my self name is Raymond
Leonard i'm from Chicago,IL SOUTHSIDE!HAHAHA head to represent were i'm from if you
never been to Chicago it's a wonderful city wears theirs plenty of events and and great food.Most of you
already know me from my creator owned book GUYTRON which is doing amazing for it to be a indy
comicbook thanks to those who made it what it is now for those who dont know me i welcome you-
you are about to enjoy what i do,what i have to offer as a independent creator,artist and publisher.
from sample pages to sneak previews what i have coming out to topics about this crazy business
 called comics. 
you can get this Amazing GUYTRON poster at www.indy for 5bucks.GUYTRON POSTER

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