Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its Very Important to Put Things In Perspective

growing up and wanting to be a comicbook artist i always wanted my work to look like the DC,Marvel etc
books like in the last status i wrote about doing the work and i was self taught and was trained by my now business partner/editor and art director on becoming a better artist.whats good is that i have a art director.. yes i have a art director, that over see's all my sequential pages..which is a good thing that i have one instead of having people tell me my artwork is great knowing good in dam well it sucks..i think majority of aspiring artist/ indie publishers that's starting up make mistakes because they dont take the time,passion and and understanding how this business really works in putting together great quilty indie books not saying its gotta look like the Bigger companies but you gotta know if you want your books to stand out its gotta be on a professional level and its gotta be competitive instead of amateurish.. i did a lot of home work while learning my craft i saw indie publishers come and go.. why?because they thought they was just going to make all this money and everybody was going to say they better then such and such blah,blah,blah sorry it dont work like that NOPE!its about getting a great team.. from the colorist,letter,artist and writer but if you all four then more power to you but if you like "i cant afford a team" i dont know what to tell you.. in today's economy people are looking for a paying gig its hilarious when i see ads in digital webbing saying "artist get this percentage if the book sales"come on now!pay for the service be up front about what you welling to pay.. moving on ..when i was trained  i was told to pick  the best dam comic book out and put it side by side my work and ask my self "is my page better then John Byrne"answer hell naw!this is because i was grateful to have someone like Mr.McClain that he was letting me know this page is wrong and honest about it and if i wanted my work to match with the best i gotta know the perspective about drawing pages the right way before just drawing shit  just to say im awesome im great nope i head to learn the whole entire process from right to whats not right ..but over all you got some great indie books out but then you got some thats horrible they wonder why nobody's not buying there books because they didn't take the time to do the work and practice and not investing in getting better artist instead they have a huge ego that there the next big thing in comics..come on famo you making yourself look like a fool that is blinded that your work sucks and that the people around you aint making it no better in telling you "don't listing to those haters.. they hating on you"how are fans who buy comics hate on work that looks like a 6year old drew?!come on now its called reality just hit you in the face..if you are a aspiring artist this is what you should do sum sketchbooks 2.get a couple of how to anatomy books and perspective books about buildings and vanishing points to draw hero books note amazon got all these books buy the used ones 4.create your own style 5. in those sketchbooks draw everything from fingers, arms, legs,dogs,buildings etc in that sketchbook and keep doing it and you will see progress..but on another note everybody is not a artist so not everyone is just going to flat-out be a good artist some got it some dont ..but have a great book out that everybody know its dam good is the BEST feeling if you are a up and coming publisher /artist gotta bring your A game.    

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