Friday, August 26, 2011


yeap thats right,im back on sending submissions out of my work...reason why?is because i fell i came a long way since i started out following my dream to draw comics for the big 2...and that road lead down to a lot of disappointments due to i head no education in knowing  the business during my teenage older now and thank GOD for the right people like my publisher  Michael McClain taught me everything i needed to know about the business and improving my art...which up to this day i still like to practice and be sharp on my art work and story as i was sitting at my drawing table currently working on another creator owned project,i look down and saw a issue of Deadpool corps did by Rob liefeld...i said to my self "you no what ray,you should give it another shot at submitting some work to Marvel Comics"so i sit a goal to do a 5 page story of Deadpool and even made a deadline for having it done hahaha true story ...i did a page a day between working on my books the deadline was Thursday august, 25. 2011 i finish the pages before the deadline which was on a Wednesday ...people gotta realize that drawing comics for  big publishers for Marvel and DC that you have to be at home on that drawing table cranking out those pages so i put my self in thinking i have to have these pages did or im fired now that i have tons of sequential pages under my belt from creating my comics and for other publishers i fell its time to strap on my armor a give it another shot which will be my 30th time haha...have a bless a bless and safe weekend everyone..heading back to the drawing table:)

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