Sunday, August 28, 2011


i might wasn't born during the time this man was creating universes but manged to know who he was once i got in my teen years and did research and brought trades everything he did like the OMAC trade which to me was my favorite Character he was to me a story ahead of its time...he put so much movement and life to the pages and  OMAC....i  was just amazed and glued reading the trade...if i can recall it i was up one night reading the trade going into the fourth issue knowing dam while i head to be at work in the morning but  the book head me hooked hahaha...the other reason what i liked about his work was the dynamic action scenes,and even the soft scenes grab me as a reader you can just fell the movement from those pages...which i put in my panels i love to keep the eyes moving panel to panel which jack played a big influence in the drive i put in my creator owned that's my take on what jack mint to me ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK "THE KING" KIRBY R.I.P.  Photobucket

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